Reputation Management

Reputation Management - Top Of GoogleWhen a customer Googles your name or that of your company what information do they find? Will they discover embarrassing photos or video? Will they discover that your company has previously filed bankruptcy? Do you have a DUI or mugshot that you would rather have hidden? You don’t have to let past incidents interrupt your future. This negative content can be removed through reputation management from Top of Google. We remove mugshots or other negative or hurtful news from the Internet and fill Google, Yahoo and Bing with positive press releases.


The Past Does Not Have to Affect your Future

In less than one week, Top of Google can remove negative content about you or your business from the Internet. Your actions do not have to damage your reputation and create a bad impression of you or your company online. Top of Google removes this bad news and replaces it with positive news through press releases that speak of you or your company in a favorable light. Our professional press release writers create positive press releases about people and business and get this information to the top of Google. When a customer, associate, employer, love interest, or other individual searches your name in Google, they will see only positive content.


Search Engine Reputation Management

Top of Google provides Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM). They can continuously add new positive content (press releases) to the proper channels. This will increase the positive amount of news about your business ensuring control over what information people see when they search for information about your company. Speak with a Top of Google representative today to learn more about Search Engine Reputation Management.


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