Top of Google


Top of GoogleThe founding principal at Top of Google is to provide the best education value for a much lower cost than traditional public universities. Our students learn more skills than they would at a high priced public university in less time and with less tuition cost.

Top of Google provides high quality degree programs by experience academic leaders and top performing professors. The instructors provide high impact lectures in the class room environment, remote lectures via video conferencing and online lectures in the digital world of Google.

The Top of Google technology platform makes real time learning more efficient. Google Books, Google Scholar, Google News and Gmail provide a universal library of real time information to communicate for classroom lectures, online assignments and remote educational projects.

Top of Google produces the best trained students with our skill building projects and work internship programs. We work with hundreds of leading global corporations who are in need of highly skilled and competent employees. We attract the best students and produce more employment outcomes for top producing students with our extensive network of corporations and nonprofit organizations.

Classes at Top of Google include: Search Engine Optimization, Web Page Design, Communications, Marketing and Public Relations.


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